Selling Your Home Online

The world of home buying and selling has been transformed by the internet. Nearly all buyers now begin their search for a new home through online web searches. This factor is changing the way Realtor agents list homes. No longer do buyers depend on a weekly or monthly magazine to come out and show a listing. Now, a home can be listed and posted on a local MLS listing service or other real estate website within minutes, for millions of potential buyers to view.

Just as the internet is transforming the way buyers find homes to purchase, the internet is also transforming the way homes are listed and sold. Sellers are no longer content to pay a 6% commission for a local area real estate agent and are looking for other alternatives. More sellers are willing to complete some tasks required to list and sell a home in order to save thousands of dollars at closing. The majority of home seller’s still do not want to sell the home on their own, due to both liability and the complexity of the transaction. Online services are providing a solution.

Online Real Estate Brokers

The transformation of the internet has created a market for online real estate brokers to fill the divide between selling the home yourself and hiring a local real estate agent at a 6% commission rate. These discount real estate brokers, like, offer brokerage services for selling your home at a discounted price.

Not all online real estate brokers are alike. Online companies offer a variety of services. Most do not offer any liability protection. Some online services simply give customer’s access to the local MLS listing services and customers pay for each product they use. Others offer packages which combine items like yard signs with listing services. is unique in that they provide full real estate broker services and only charge 1% on the seller side, saving customers up to 2% in sales charges. This can result in savings of $2,000 for every $100,000 in sales price. A home selling for $500,000 can save the seller upwards of $10,000 in Realtor agent fees.

Local area real estate agents typically charge 6%. Of these fees 3% goes to the seller’s agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent. While the online sales process does not impact the charges for the buyer’s agent, reducing the sales charges for the seller’s agent results in thousands of additional dollars for the seller at closing.

Local MLS listing services are accessible to seller’s who use a local area real estate agent as well as those who use online discount real estate brokers. This results in seller’s obtaining the same marketing exposure, without the high cost of a local Realtor agent.

How Online Listings Work

With, all functions of the sales process is accessible online. This includes listings, pictures, signs, lockboxes, professional advice, and all the legal paperwork needed for closing. will guide you through each step of the process. Customers have access to live help from Rob Roham, who has over 25 years’ experience in the real estate business. The process is seamless and provides a way for seller’s to save thousands of dollars in real estate agent fees, all while receiving a complete line of brokerage services. For more information log on to



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