How to Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home


How to Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home

Every seller wants to get the maximum amount possible for their home. Yet along the process of selling there are many places that can trip you up, and cost you money in the process. As you navigate the sales process there are steps that you, as the seller can take, that will ensure you get to best possible price.

Consult with and hire a real estate professional

In our do-it-yourself world, it is tempting to save the cost of commissions by listing and selling your home on your own. Statistics show that homes listed by owner sell for less, in the same markets, than those listed by a real estate professional.

Realtors sell homes full time and understand all of the elements of pricing and selling a home. This does not mean you need to overpay for that representation. The highest price realtors do not necessarily mean the best quality service or expertise. At we offer the seller a sales fee of only 1% on the seller side. This alone will put thousands of dollars in your pocket, without giving up a professional who understands the intricacies of selling your home.

Prepare your home so it is in show condition

You get one shot to impress a buyer. Most buyers are looking for move in ready homes and will reduce their offer in order to accommodate needed repairs. By making basic repairs for obvious things, the home will show better and sell at a higher price.

This is also the time to give your home a professional level cleaning and de-clutter. This can be done by getting rid of things you no longer want or packing items and removing them from the home so the house shows in its best light.

Price it right

This may be the single most important step. A real estate professional will assist in setting the right price for your home. Often sellers hire a real estate agent based on the price they say they will list the home. Understand that the sales price will reflect what a buyer is willing to pay, not the list price. If the home is listed too high the house will sit on the market, unsold. This will result in the seller lowering the price and ultimately the home selling at a price lower than if the home was priced competitively to begin with.

Provide easy access

Buyer’s agents will want to bring potential buyers to your home when it is convenient for them. The easier you make it for buyers to view your home, the faster it will sell. The faster it sells, the higher price you will get.

This is best accomplished by providing a lock box for buyer’s agents to use. Then they are able to show your home while you are at work or otherwise unavailable. When you are home, be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice so the buyer can view your home. While this is an inconvenient part of the sales process, maintaining a meticulous home and being willing to exit when a buyer wants to see it, will provide the highest level of exposure.

Negotiate wisely

This is another area where a real estate agent is worth their commission. They are in the market negotiating deals every week. They know what a good offer is and how to manage contingencies. At we assist in the negotiation process to ensure a smooth sale for the highest value.

Stay on top of the sales process

Once an offer is accepted it is important to stay on top of each step of the closing process. This can take up to 45 days depending on the buyer and the contract. Hiccups can result in a lost sale or the buyer attempting to renegotiate the deal. Communications and follow up on all requests is essential to a smooth closing. provides a seamless process where you can see all of the documents that have been submitted for your file on our website. There is also a place to see pending documents and anything that needs your attention. The seller has everything at your fingertips and gives you the ability to respond quickly to any additional information needed by the buyer.

Selling your home is an exciting and often stressful time. It is exciting as you move to the next chapter of your life. It is stressful because the sales process is generally unfamiliar to sellers, who may sell a couple homes in a lifetime.

Let us take the stress out of the process. By working with, you will get the best representation at the best possible price, leaving you with more money at the closing of your home.

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